Urban Garden Taste
the store where the Jamie Olivier’s and Eataly’s philosophies take place
Project Features.

What we have done in this project?

Project Details

Teacher: arch. Paolo Lucchetta, Master IDEA

Date: may - June 2012

Partner: Jovana Bobić

About Project

Located in the Box Park in London, this store is the image of Jamie Olivier’s and Eataly’s philosophies.
The customers can collect fresh and seasonable veggies directly from the urban garden or from the baskets
and cook them in the green kitchen. A special part is dedicated to the selling of book and tools to create your own urban garden.


“How wonderful is to see the garden grows up day by day and be aware that outside, throughout all the year, there are delicious veggies just waiting to be collected.”
Jamie Oliver


There are several targets: who is working there, family, people loves shopping,.. So we gather in three groups: who loves cooking,
the business man and who is interested in gardening.


We studied how urban garden works and we reproduce it in a possible and economic version in the store.


The 3 containers in the Box Park in London allows to experiment new typology of stores.

According with Jamie Oliver and Eataly's philosophies, we have to create a place where city and country coexists
that shows how simple is living in that way.

  1. The oasis of reuse.
  2. Home garden
  3. The gardener’s dream
  4. The five colours of health benefits
  5. Cold and warm: the high quality freshness
  6. Home kitchen
  7. Reading and eating
  8. Take away
  9. Check-out

Home garden. Harvesting fruits and vegetables from the earth.

The gardener’s dream. Books and tools for private urban garden.

Wellness. Health benefits associated to the five different colours of unpackaged fresh food.

Cold and warm. Preserving food freshness without using electricity (Jihyun Ryoui’s design).

Home kitchen. Cooking with green kitchen, discovering new recipes (wheelbarrow kitchen by chmara.rosinke design).

Reading and heating Free reading of books and magazine about food philosophy.

Analysis of 3 different customers target.
The Green Thumb has a passion for gardening; longs for good food and country life.
The Business Man always in a rush; has a high expectation to eat good quality food although in a short lunch break.
The Wizard of Rings loves the home cooked taste.
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