The Slow Food's meeting place and pop-up store
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School: Final Thesis Master IDEA

Relator: arch. Carlo Malerba

Date: 22 July, 2013

About Project

The local seat called condotta, is hard to recognize and young people think that Slow Food is pretentious and select. My aim is to re-establish the association's values creating a space where people can meet and share informations. A place where all the people can elevate with different tales, recipes and discussion.


GOOD quality, flavoursome and healthy food;
CLEAR respect for the environment;
FAIR condition for consumers and producers.


Thought just as Slow Food's philosophy, the most important value connected to food is tradition, tales and recipes that will be lost with the coming of international and fast food.


Slow Food envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet.


The table is the place where everything happened: traditional recipes, stories, culture are the main characters.

The table is the symbol for conviviality, sharing and story. Everything happened when people eat, take time for themselves. This is the definition of the Slow tavern.

The philosophy is summarized here and all the activities are analysed. In this way I could understand the problems also talking with the members of the association.

The location has to be visible: so the face is covered by red panels (the same red of Slow Food), becoming the new reference point.

Entrance the table is in the middle of the space and it permits different activities.

The table is provided with everything you need for cook: electric cooker, refrigerator, larder and sink. A touch monitor permits to watch the Slow Food's movies and to connect with the Slow Food Youth Network around the world.

Linear shelves permits the sell of books, culinary itineraries, local products called "presidio" and all the merchandising.

All the walls are painted with a blackboard paint and curiosities, recipes or drawing about the local products are written.

During big events connected to food as Slow Food Day, Salone del Gusto or Expo 2015, the store will be in the middle of the streets and squares with a pop-up structure. In this case, the green siding represents the Langhe landscape (where the association was born in 1986) creating a big contrast with the concrete of the city.

In this other option, the tales about local food and tradition are carried out covered all the wood container.

This is how the container looks like when it is open.

Inside there is a huge table where all the activities take place (meeting with writers or farmers and tasting).

The different options for chef and staff uniforms.

The different graphics for shoppers and new t-shirts for merchandising.
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