the Mask
Temporary market represents the thought behind
a traditional product of the Italian Carnival
Project Features.

What we have done in this project?

Project Details

Teacher: arch. Cesaretti e Vannini, Master Idea

Date: May - June, 2012

Partner: Jovana Bobić

About Project

Planned to be opened during the 2015 Expo in Milan, this temporary market represents the thought behind a product. Italian regional characteristics and differences among costumes, traditions and foods are here displayed throughout a common event: the Carnival.


Carnival means mystery, transformation, metamorphosis. Everything seems to be controlled by an apparent chaos.
It’s an open-air theatre where
the people and natural sounds
are the main, undisputed characters.


International visitors comes to Milan for the Expo could visit the store.

Feed the planet. Energy for Life.


After the analysis of all differences between Italian regional traditions, we decided that Carnival was the key to show at the same time how costumes, products and foods change along Italy to Expo visitors.


The location is an old and no more used local market, situated in the junction between the city centre
and Linate airport.

Street view. The spider web in PVC wrap the building and the products’ silhouette create mystery.

Layout. Products are divided by geographical location and typology, reflecting the different colours of lands.

Entrance overview.

Displays. The step shows every object and the pictures illustrate the products history.
Orange as Northern Italy’s earth
Green as the Central Italy’s field
Blue as the Southern sea

Theatre. The store becomes a theatre during the night and the customers become actors.
The store becomes a theatre during the night and the customers become actors.

Bistro. The big table and the traditional recipes recall the conviviality and the popular culture.

Windows Explosion of colours and carnival chaos are represented.
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