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Emphasizing the product placement in movies.
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Studio: Lapis Design and Architecture

Date: February, 2011

Final Client Top Time

About Project

The client’s request was to emphasize their product placement in movies, using special displays and structures during Turin Film Festival, premiere and in the cinemas.


Reproducing some movie elements in grand-scale to focus the attention on the products.


Emphasize the product placement in movies, pay attention to some scenes where the product is place.


The product hide in the scenes will be empathized with the reproduction of the frames where they appeared.


This special displays and structures will be used during Turin Film Festival, premiere and in the cinemas.

The “film can” structure captures the pedestrians attention.

Movie’s scene and gadget distribution.

Informational desks.

The promotional material recall the movie’s scene.

Close to the video screen, the promotional material reveals the products placed in the movie.

Streets are invaded by oversized ciaks.

A temporary theatre is collocated in the main squares of the city.

Turin Film Festival's fitting.

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